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CDLS Services Summary

The Communication Department Language Services Team (CDLS) is committed to providing translation and interpretation services to serve the diverse communities of Aurora Public Schools. We aim to facilitate communication between parents and APS staff by providing an assortment of services and resources, so that as a community we can support student achievement. 

Following are brief descriptions of our services. If you have any questions regarding our services or about how to access translation and interpretation services, please feel free to contact us.

District Interpretation Services
  • Interpretation into Spanish (and from Spanish into English) at district-level meetings, presentations, events and activities.
  • Interpretation into Spanish (and from Spanish into English) at board of education meetings, District Accountability Advisory Committee meetings, English Language Acquisition Parent Advisory Committee meetings and disciplinary hearings.
  • Assistance to APS central offices for an assortment of Spanish-language needs, such as inquiries and requests for student records, student registrations, etc.
  • Assistance with the coordination and facilitation of interpretation services for district-level meetings involving families who speak languages other than English and Spanish.

NOTE: The English Language Acquisition Department coordinates and supervises the District Approved Interpreters cohort (Spanish <>English school interpreters) and can be accessed at http://ela.aurorak12.org/translators/dats/. For school-level interpretation needs in languages other than Spanish, please refer to the directory of agencies registered as APS vendors, located at http://ela.aurorak12.org/translators/agencies/.


Emergency/Incident Response Services
  • CDLS provides translations and interpretations for emergencies, as deemed necessary, for district-level and school-level IRT events and activities. Under the direction of the Leadership Team and/or Incident Response Team, the CDLS team also assists with the facilitation of emergency communications, such as notifications made via ConnectED.


District Translation Services
  • Translations into Spanish of district-level publications, such as brochures, fliers, board policies, planning guides, handbooks and manuals.
  • Translations into Spanish of communications related to bond construction projects and emergency/incident response communications from the Division of Support Services.
  • Translations into Spanish of documents, letters and forms for the divisions of the Superintendent, Accountability and Research, Equity and Engagement, Finance, Instruction and Support Services.
  • Translation into Spanish and facilitation of district-wide communications, announcements and emergency notifications.
  • Translation into Spanish of letters and newsletter articles that the Communication Team facilitates.
  • Assistance with the coordination and facilitation of translation services for district-level communications to parents who speak languages other than English and Spanish.


Support Services and Resources
  • Assistance with Spanish media communication, such as news interviews.
  • Support and guidance for training of district interpreters and translators.
  • Development and updates of interpretation and translation tools and guides for use by staff and parents.
  • Posting of translations into Spanish of documents that have a district-wide impact or use. Some district-level documents are also available in Amharic, Korean, Nepali and Vietnamese.
  • Identification of and assistance with professional development opportunities and resources for existing site translators and interpreters (i.e., professional protocols and codes of conduct, such as confidentiality standards, appropriate language and terminology, educational jargon and acronyms and APS norms).
  • Identification of and assistance with the use of language resources, such as web-based tools, dictionaries and manuals.

Please feel free to contact us for questions regarding interpretation and translation services. In the event we cannot perform the service needed, we can assist in determining and locating possible resources.


Cost of Services

Translation and interpretation services that the CDLS members provide generally are only for district-level documents and events. The services CDLS performs incur no additional costs for the district or school sites.  For such services involving languages other than Spanish, the requesting department normally compensates agencies that provide non-Spanish translators and interpreters. In some cases, particularly for crisis/emergency incidents, the Communication Department compensates translators, interpreters or agencies to supplement the services CDLS members provide. Please feel free to contact CDLS if you have any questions about costs related to crisis/emergency incidents or district-level translation and interpretation services.


Spanish Language Translation/Interpretation
  • CDLS members are professional technical translators and multi-modal interpreters for the English <> Spanish combination, and they are available to assist with district-level interpretation and translation, as well as crisis/emergency incidents. The CDLS team members perform interpretation in the simultaneous, consecutive and whispering modes, as well as voice-overs. The team's translation specialties include education, legal, medical, post-editing and script/narration (e.g., voice recordings).
  • CDLS only contracts with District Approved Interpreters (DAIs) for Spanish language translation and interpretation needs.  The English Language Acquisition Department oversees the DAI cohort and maintains a directory of these individuals. (Click here to view the DAI listing).


Languages other than Spanish

For language needs other than Spanish, CDLS contracts with translation/interpretation agencies that are APS-approved vendors. (Click here to view the directory of APS interpretation and translation vendors).



Accessing Translation & Interpretation

Depending on the nature of the district-level document you’re seeking to have translated, overall workload, and demands on the Communication Department, a translation into Spanish can take up to several weeks. For translations of district-level documents into languages other than Spanish, the CDLS team contracts and coordinates with agencies registered as vendors for APS, negotiating pricing and delivery dates. Critical to negotiation are document size and desired delivery date, and longer turnaround times help reduce costs.

Please submit your district translation services request at least two weeks in advance of your desired date of translation of your document.



CDLS team members provide interpretation into Spanish for district-level meetings, events, activities and varied programs. The team’s schedule is often booked weeks in advance, and so reserving the team members well ahead of the expected district-level meeting or event helps in meeting your needs and those of other district departments. As with translations, CDLS contacts and coordinates with agencies registered as APS vendors for interpretation services involving languages other than Spanish. In order to avoid rush request rates and other possible, additional fees, it is imperative to request services from agencies days and weeks in advance, depending on the target language.

Please submit your district interpretation services request at least two weeks prior to your scheduled event. Also keep in mind that the availability of CDLS team members and agency interpreters is dynamic and unpredictable, and we work hard to meet your needs.

For emergency requests please contact Georgia Durán (Chief Communication Officer) at 303-326-2178 or Rodrigo Araya-Guerra (Language Services Coordinator) at 303-326-2141.

CDLS will contact you to confirm receipt of your request, to notify you of assignments, to update you on pending requests and, when necessary, to clarify requests submitted.

Contact CDLS directly by phone at 303-365-7805 if you have any questions regarding the request forms.


CDLS Services Summary
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