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Parent Translations & Resources

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Welcome to the Aurora Public Schools. On this Web page we have provided some information, resources and links to tools that we hope will help you better communicate with your child’s teachers and other school staff members and district personnel. 

Translation versus Interpretation

Translators and interpreters boast a variety of skills. Depending on experience, knowledge and skills, an individual may be specialized in one or more areas. Translation/interpretation professionals distinguish their services according to the nature of the work performed:


  • Translation is generally referred to as the conversion of written text from one language to another.
  • Interpretation refers to the conversion of oral messages from one language to another.


Translation Services

Parents have the right to ask for a translation from the Aurora Public Schools district and its schools. Staff at district offices and at schools will make every effort to provide a translation to you at no cost to you. However, keep in mind that school and district staff members may try different ways of providing translations. They may use machine translation engines, members of the community, translation agencies or other organizations that provide translators or translations at a low cost or for free. It is recommended that you ask for a professional translation, and the school and district staff members will find ways of contracting a professional translation agency.

This Web site and the Web sites of schools contain translation links. These links direct users to what are known as “machine translation engines” that allow you to ask for a translation from English into another language and from another language into English. Some of these engines are free and others require a fee because the content is sent to a professional translator or a translation agency. Although useful often free for you, these translation engines are limited in what they can produce, and it is recommended that a professional translator be asked to produce the translation. 

Sometimes, staff members at schools might use a machine translation engine for a letter they would like to send home or for announcement about an event happening at the school. Other times, the school might hire a professional translator. The difference in quality of these two methods is often very clear, with a professional translator’s work generally providing a more understandable document. Documents that contain the message “Translation of this document was produced by Aurora Public Schools” at the bottom of the document’s page are translations managed by district offices and for which a professional agency has been contracted. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions about these translations, please contact the APS Communication Department at 303-365-7805.

Interpretation Services

Parents also have the right to ask for interpretation services from schools and district offices. Staff members will make every effort to find professional, trained interpreters at no cost to you. Because staff members strive to provide timely services, they may ask community members who can be accessed conveniently to provide the service, or they may ask a staff member to provide the service. However, it is recommended that you ask for a professional interpreter.

This section contains guidelines for communicating with staff at your child’s school. If you need assistance communicating verbally with staff members at your child’s school, please contact the school office.

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