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District Translation (Written) Services
Request Form

Please fill out the information below, and click on the "Click Here to Continue" button. You will then attach your documents to translate via email or share the Google Doc and give us permission to edit the file. Please see table below for translation time lines and guidelines. 

  • Requests need to be entered at least seven (7) business days in advance. Keep in mind that delivery dates are directly linked to word count and current work load.
  • Word documents are the ideal format for request submissions. While we accept editable PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, and other formats, we do not have the in-house resources for elaborated formatting or desktop publishing work.
  • Scanned copies are not accepted because they are not editable. If you only have access to a scanned copy, please contact us. 
  • Copyrighted materials should not be submitted for translation unless accompanied by written permission from the publisher or author.
  • When submitting several files, we recommend compressing them into one zipped file.

Please note: Most languages may take, on average, up to 35% more space than the English source document. Please take this into consideration when designing your project.

Expectations for Translation Delivery:

Word Count Regular Business Days
If less than 1,000 words 2-4 days
1,001 - 5,000 words 4-8 days
Projects over 5,000 words will require a meeting or phone call with Language Services Coordinator.

One request per form. Please make sure to keep a copy for your records. For emergency service or incidents, please call the Chief Communication Officer, Patti Moon, at 303-326-2178, or the Language Services Coordinator, Efrén Ortiz, at 303-326-2141.  

Please Note: Bolded fields are required.
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Number of Pages:
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After clicking this button and going through our spam security check, you will then attach your documents via email.

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