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Please make sure that you have the correct Request # when accepting a job.

If you need help using this Job Board please watch this short how-to video.

Interpreters - When you find a job that you would like to accept, please use the "Job Claim Form" link below and make sure you have passed the APS Simultaneous Assessment before committing to these type of assignments.

Before signing up for interpretation assignments, please make sure you have attended one of the 2019 open house sessions or met with one of the CLSO staff members to review updated 2019 DAI Handbook and have signed the acknowledgement.

Job Claim Form Case # 2500 and up <--- Use this job claim for the jobs listed below (requests 2500 and up) Make sure you are signed in to your Google Account or you will not be able to view the form.

Available Jobs 2500 and up

District Interpretation Requests -Available Jobs 19-20